To give our nonwovens the optimum degree of consolidation for each intended application, we use various technologies that we have continuously refined over the years. The innovative bicomponent technology (BiCo), in which we can work with a sheath and a core made of different raw materials, offers particular advantages, allowing the physical, technical, haptic and optical properties of the nonwoven to be precisely adjusted.


The hydroentangled nonwoven is produced with BiCo technology on a line width of 3,300 mm. It offers the greatest possible flexibility with a freely adjustable weight per unit area of 30 to 250 gsm and freely selectable raw material combinations, such as PP/PP or PP/PE, or with the use of PLA.


The thermobonded nonwoven is also produced with BiCo technology on our line width of 3,300 mm. A freely adjustable weight per unit area of 15 to 250 gsm and freely selectable raw material combinations such as PP/PP and PP/PE are possible here.

HW recyclate

Our in-house materials cycle turns offcuts produced during processing into a new raw material, so we can increase the environmental sustainability of your products. We add the highest feasible proportion of recycled materials to your product, carefully aligned to the required technical properties. Benefit from this ecological commitment for your end product and enter the world of the circular economy.

HW Extra: Additives

All nonwovens can be modified with a large number of additives and batches, such as UV stabilisers and flame retardants, as well as antibacterial, hydrophilic, hydrophobic and antistatic finishes. We would be happy to advise you.

HW Extra: Colours

Let’s colour it: We will also be happy to meet your individual colour requirements, which will make the nonwoven you require unmistakable. Not every colouration is always possible within the scope of a particular production process, but we will find a good solution in every case.

HW Plus: Special developments

Do you have a product that places special and perhaps unusual demands on the nonwoven? No problem. Tell us what the material needs to be able to do, and we will combine our expertise to develop it exactly for that. Just get in touch with us.