Looking for assistance with nonwovens made by hydroWEB? This is where you will find the right contacts to help you.

Development enquiries, business cooperations, raw materials and product enquiries

When it comes to purchasing high-quality raw materials, developing completely new products and long-term strategic cooperation with companies in Germany and abroad, our CEO SVEN REINKE is just the person to speak to.


+49 3941 62552-0
+49 3941 62552-11

Product enquiries and product development

STEPHAN ZIEMENS is available to answer any questions you may have about hydroWEB products. As an expert in fabrication, he can also offer you the ideal solution for custom sizes. A phone call or an email is all you need to find out what’s possible when it comes to nonwovens.


+49 3941 62552-12
+49 160 913 143 61

Order management

CHRISTIAN KIRCHHOFF will be happy to answer any queries you may have regarding current orders and invoices. He is the central contact for all our existing customers and always ensures a smooth flow of communications.


+49 3941 62552-15
+49 160 913 145 60

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a very high priority at hydroWEB.
KATHRIN KIRCHHOFF is responsible for this area. She inspects products meticulously in our laboratory and is also the contact person for questions about certification.


+49 3941 625552-27

Production processes

MARCUS KLUTH, PETER VESPERMANN, ENRICO BECKER, MATTHIAS BECKER, DAVID HOHMANN, DANIEL REHBEIN and the entire PRODUCTION TEAM know the machine inside out and hold the reins in their hands in the truest sense of the word. As a TEAM, they always ensure that processes run smoothly, regardless of whether hydroentanglement or thermobonding is taking place in the hall.


+49 3941 62552-21