• Individual spunbonded nonwovens thanks to our bicomponent technology


  • Spunbonded nonwovens made in Europe


Creating your nonwoven with innovative technology

Your nonwoven according to your wishes

You are searching for a spunbonded nonwoven with specific technical, haptic and optical properties? We are the right producer for you.


Our variety of raw materials

Due to our bicomponent line technology we have the possibility to combine and process various polymers e.g. polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene and many others. With this variety of combinations, we have the flexibility to meet your requirements. Furthermore, we then finish the spunbonded nonwoven completely as per your needs.


Our variety of processes

thermoWEBBiCo oder hydroWEBBiCo


We produce your nonwoven either with hydroentanglement or with thermobonding depending on the needs of your application. The typical characteristics of the nonwoven are the result of the chosen production process.



Your product

An individual spunbonded nonwoven matching your specific requirements, convincing you through its quality and functionality.

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